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Dr. Me - Japanese Edition

Dr. Me - Japanese Edition

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This book contains all three pieces of information: English Dr.Me book, spine therapy book and body system chart. In both single blends, new types of oil, commentary on plants, and symptoms have been added. Especially in the body system, there are a lot of new contents, such as a visual explanation page, self-care / therapeutic care, and other items. Overall, there are more photos and illustrations, and it is written more clearly.

Specific oil usage for more than 200 symptoms, single oil / blend oil usage guide, recommended oil by body system, easy-to-see list of usage by oil / body system, home cleaning ideas, easy to find table of contents, Contents focused on how to use oil, 174 pages, full color, durable wire binding opening. The Dr.Me study book will surely be of great use in your home.

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