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SOC Family Bundle

SOC Family Bundle

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The 4 resources you need to support the health of your family - in one bundle! 

As you familiarize yourself with different essential oils/ Symphony of the Cells™ applications and use them to support your families -- the SOC Family Bundle will help: educate & empower you! The bundle includes:

  • SOC Parent Guide Bi-fold: Educates parents on how to safely use SOC for children, teaches the Basic SOC Application, and shares a list of natural solutions for common concerns. 
  • SOC Healthy Foundations Bi-fold: Outlines quality supplements and pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils you can use to help your body cleanse and break down toxic waste. 
  • SOC Application Book: Teaches the SOC essential oil application technique and shares the steps to all 19 applications developed by Boyd Truman. (No new updates) 
  • Oil Smart Book: Serves as the ultimate reference guide to essential oil use. This book combines an in-depth oil dictionary, intro to essential oil science, and possible condition guide together, all in one resource. (No new updates) 
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