3 Essential Oil Applications For Emotional Support

3 Essential Oil Applications For Emotional Support

When it comes to negative feelings, such as anger and fear, many of us hold onto them without even realizing it. Why does it matter? Our emotional health plays a significant role in our overall health, and can in many cases, show itself in physical ways. Our negative thoughts and feelings affect not only our day to day behavior and mindset, but also our bodies. They can affect our immune system, endocrine system, etc. 


What is one natural way we can experience emotional support? Through the use of essential oils. All 3 of the following Symphony of the Cells™ applications developed by Boyd Truman are ideal for building emotional strength.

  1. Forgiveness Application: Utilizes oils that support the emotional and limbic body systems. Designed to help in the process of letting go of feelings and emotions from the past. 
  2. Emobic Application: Created to help users restore mental and emotional alertness. Can also provide support for overcoming feelings tied to past trauma.
  3. Purpose Application: Effective for supporting the emotional, limbic, and endocrine body systems. The application was developed to help others dial in and experience a greater sense of purpose, focus, and direction.   

Learn The doTERRA oils involved

To learn the full list of doTERRA essential oils involved in the different emotional Symphony of the Cells™ applications, check out the SOC Application Book or SOC Journal at www.truwellness.com.

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