3 Ways To Naturally Promote Feelings Of Calm

3 Ways To Naturally Promote Feelings Of Calm

Did you know that our bodies thrive when we actually calm down? True relaxation not only helps relieve mental stress, but is also of great benefit to the body. Yes, your organs will thank you!

Calm Down & Allow For Healing

When our bodies are not calm, we can wave goodbye to balance! Our immune function is decreased, our bodies store extra fat, we experience low energy, and suffer from difficulty sleeping. Our bodies even secrete a hormone, called cortisol, to help us deal with such “stress.” When levels of cortisol remain high, this can cause high blood pressure, an overall negative mood, etc. Therefore, promoting calm within the body can help us regulate such hormones and return the body to a balanced state. Such a state will allow for healing and restoration. 

You might be thinking, the idea of achieving relaxation sounds easier than it truly is! You’re right! With our busy schedules and ever changing lifestyles, it’s sometimes difficult to even find a moment to ourselves. However, it is SO important not to ignore self-care and to make responsible choices that promote positive feelings such as relaxation. Today, we’re sharing 3 ways you can experience feelings of calm. The following 3 steps use only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, that the body can easily break down and benefit from: 

How To: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Apply 2-3 drops of Frankincense and/or Rose over the heart area 1-2 times daily.
  2. Apply 1-2 drops of Calming Blend to wrists, neck, and bottoms of the feet 1-2 times daily.
  3. Perform the Symphony of the Cells™ Forgiveness, Emobic, and/or Purpose applications. 



As always, remember for young children, the elderly, already diseased, or those new to essential oils, start slow -- begin with less drops per oil, and utilize more carrier oil.  

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To learn more about how to naturally support the body, check out the Oil Smart and SOC resources available at www.truwellness.com.

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