DIY 3 New Essential Oil Capsules To Try

DIY 3 New Essential Oil Capsules To Try

Looking for new ways to benefit from the doTERRA oils you have at home? Try these do-it-yourself essential oil capsules. They are easy to make and to incorporate in your wellness routine. Here are 3 different capsules you can try!

Digestive DIY Capsule


  •  2-3 drops Ginger
  •  2-3 drops Cardamom
  •  2-3 drops Digestive Blend 
  •  1 veggie capsule

This do-it-yourself capsule involves 3 doTERRA essential oils that are ideal for supporting the digestive system. Use this capsule to help assist with healthy digestive function or to help relieve occasional constipation. 



Endocrine DIY Capsule


  •  2-3 drops Frankincense
  •  2-3 drops Clary Sage
  •  2-3 drops Rosemary
  •  1 veggie capsule

Try this DIY capsule at home to help support the endocrine system and the different glands that it is composed of. 

Soothing DIY Capsule


  •  2-3 drops Copaiba
  •  2-3 drops Marjoram
  •  2-3 drops Siberian Fir
  •  1 veggie capsule

This do-it-yourself essential oil capsule can be utilized to help soothe muscles and sore joints, as well as to ease aches. 



When it comes to pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, the different uses are endless! The more you experience their various benefits, the more you will personally learn! Trying unique DIY Capsules is an easy and healthy way to not only grow such knowledge, but to also benefit from the internal use of essential oils

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