DIY Countertop Cleaner

DIY Countertop Cleaner

The pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils you have at home can be used in so many different ways! In fact, you can even use them to transform your household cleaning products! For example, your countertop cleaner. Instead of using chemical-based products that may contain toxic, unnatural substances, use natural-based products you can make yourself! 

Below is a natural alternative you can make using doTERRA essential oils!


  • Lemon
  • Wild Orange, Tangerine, Green Mandarin, Invigorating Blend, Cassia, Cinnamon, or Lemongrass
  • Protective Blend


  • Mix 2-3 drops of the 3 oils in a glass spray bottle full of water. Or, place directly onto a damp towel. Then, you are ready to clean and disinfect your kitchen and/or bathroom counters. 

do it yourself with essential oils

This do-it-yourself countertop cleaner is simple + contains only 3 essential oils and water. Therefore, you can make the solution using ingredients you actually recognize! Making such small changes in our everyday routine, is one way we can all take responsibility for our health and the health of our families. 

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