Essential Oil Purity: Why Does It Matter?

Essential Oil Purity: Why Does It Matter?

When it comes to essential oil use, the first question to ask yourself is not, “which essential oil should I use?” Instead, it is:  “are the essential oils I am using truly pure?” Purity should be your first concern and today we’re breaking down why it matters. 

Our Privilege In Making Choices For Our Health 

When it comes to purchasing an essential oil, the process can be difficult! Trust us, we get it! As consumers, we have the privilege of accessing many choices. However, when we are bombarded with such choices everywhere we turn, it can be difficult to know which products truly make our health a priority. From our local grocery stores, to even shopping malls, we see essential oil products advertised as “100% natural,” or “100% organic.” However, it’s important to note that if the oil does not contain a “100% pure, therapeutic-grade” certified marking, that can mean synthetic additives are involved.

So, that brings us to the question, what defines a pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil? Such an oil must be free of any synthetic additives or chemicals. Essential oils that are loaded with chemical fillers, don’t allow you to fully enjoy the natural benefits of the plant. Also, they can contain potentially toxic ingredients that not only offer little support for your overall wellness, but also pose threats to your health. Other significant factors to consider are the plant source and extraction method involved:

  • Were high-quality plants utilized?
  • Were chemicals/pesticides used in plant care?
  • Were experienced growers and distillers utilized?
  • Were temperature and pressure monitored each step of the way?

A pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil will be tested each step of the way, to ensure that such high standards are maintained for the oil extract. The company will test each batch of oil and ensure that purity is the #1 priority.

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