I Have My doTERRA Oils, Now What?

I Have My doTERRA Oils, Now What?

The most effective way to use your doTERRA essential oils? With Symphony of the Cells™ (SOC)! 

It’s true - it can be overwhelming to know which oils to use, how to best use them, etc. This is where SOC comes in handy! Whether your goal is finding a natural way to support your body’s overall health or targeting a specific health challenge, SOC can help!

No More Guesswork

SOC is a collection of essential oil applications developed by Boyd Truman. Each application shares 10 doTERRA oils you can apply on yourself or on others. The oils listed in each application were specifically chosen by Boyd, using his knowledge of the connection between body systems and conditions. Need digestive support? Boyd selected the oils best served for the digestive body system and included them in the Digestive SOC application. It’s that simple! You will apply the listed oils along the entire back, on the bottoms of the feet, and inhale them when instructed. This layering technique allows you to take a focused approach to the symptoms and underlying causes of many ailments. 


How Do I Know Which Applications To Use?

If there is a specific condition you wish to target, simply identify the body system the condition is connected to. From there, you can reference one of our SOC books, turn to the correct body system page, and view the related applications. Therefore, by simply making the connection between body systems and common conditions -- you will find the exact oils you can apply. ​

Get Your Hands Wet

As you continue along your journey with doTERRA, remember that the best way to learn more about the oils is: ​ experience .​ By applying SOC applications on yourself or on others, you will be experiencing the power of at least 10 oils per application, personally educating yourself on them, and growing your confidence. 

Symphony of the Cells™

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