Lemon Oil Uses

Lemon Oil Uses

For many essential oil users, one of their go-to oils is Lemon. From topical use, to internal or aromatic use, many incorporate Lemon into their wellness routine. Today, we’re exploring unique uses you can try out with Lemon oil. 

Hydrate With Lemon Oil

One way you can utilize Lemon oil on a daily basis is by adding 1-2 drops to an 8 oz cup of water. Such internal use of the oil helps the user enjoy its powerful cleansing benefits. The citrus oil can help support the digestive system, while assisting with the body’s natural cleansing process. 

If you are working with Symphony of the Cells™ essential oil applications, you can also perform this extra step. Hydrating with water containing Lemon oil, after experiencing a SOC application, can help your body further process and discharge potential toxins. 

Add To A Capsule

There are many DIY capsules that you can try from home, that involve the addition of Lemon oil. For example, for digestive support, you can try a capsule with Lemon, Wild Orange, and Tangerine. Or, to help support healthy respiratory function, you can try a capsule with Lemon, Protective Blend, and Melissa. 

DIY Home 

Lemon oil can also be used in a DIY non-toxic cleaning product for your home. Instead of turning to traditional cleaning products that may contain harmful toxins, you can create your own natural products using Lemon oil. Lemon oil can serve as a powerful cleansing agent that not only helps purify the air when diffused, but can also work on surfaces. For example, You can add 1-2 drops of the oil to your dishwasher soap container. This will help you achieve sparkling, spot-free dishes. The citrus oil can also be useful when making DIY laundry refresher, cutting board cleansers, fruit/veggie cleaners, etc. 

SOC Applications

Additionally, there are several Symphony of the Cells™ applications you can try, which include the use of Lemon oil. For example, applying Lemon oil is a step in both the Lymphatic and Osteo applications. The Lymphatic SOC application was designed to allow for greater movement and flow within the lymphatic system. The Osteo application was developed to support bone health and help address excess acidity in the body. 

Explore Other Uses

As you have seen, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enjoying the benefits of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. To discover other unique uses, check out our Oil Smart books at www.truwellness.com.
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