SOC For Athletes

SOC For Athletes

When it comes to supporting your body as an athlete, there is a lot more at play than the effort you put in to train. Giving your body the proper nutrition it needs, supporting your muscles, resting, maintaining enough energy, and supporting the musculoskeletal system are just a few examples of other major factors. One natural way you can help give your body all of the different support it needs, is through the use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Today, we are breaking down 3 oil applications you can use to effectively experience the benefits of such oils and to improve your workout. 

Inflammatory SOC Application 

Athletes of any level are very familiar with muscle tension. One essential oil application that is ideal for supporting such sore muscles and joints is the Inflammatory SOC application. The application involves the use of 10 specifically chosen doTERRA essential oils, that are effective in relieving head, neck, and back tension. For example, one oil included is the popular Soothing Blend oil. Soothing Blend can help create long-lasting warm and cooling sensations, that help comfort tense muscles. 

Chi SOC Application

When the physical structures of the body are constantly put under stress, they need to be recharged. This is where the Chi Symphony of the Cells™ application can be beneficial. The application focuses on the skeletal, muscular, and connective tissue systems of the body. It uses oils such as Cypress, which are known to help invigorate the senses. Also, oils such as Peppermint are involved, which can provide an extra boost and help with feelings of low energy. 

Osteo SOC Application

What is a third SOC application that can help support an athlete’s body and overall performance? The Osteo SOC Application. The application was designed to promote bone health, as well as healthy cartilage/joint function. The oils involved support a variety of body systems including the musculoskeletal, immune, and digestive. One of the oils in the application is Massage Blend, which can assist with decreasing tension and allowing for comforting effects. Oils such as Lemongrass are also among the 10 oils, helping to create a refreshing, soothing massage experience. 

Natural Support

Once you find the Symphony of the Cells™ applications best served for your needs, you are ready to continue training hard, while also supporting your body in a natural way. To learn more, visit: 

Symphony of the Cells™

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Great to have this new blog & suggestions for a series of SoCs to address specific activities


Just learning SOC- really enjoying all the tips and explanations given. So much more to learn. Especially how many applications to do and when. Loving all the help such as the above. Thanks.

Kym Murray

I am so excited about this!!!

Marsha Bradford

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