SOC For Energy

SOC For Energy

When we are struck with feelings of low energy, it can be tough to recharge. As a result, we may not perform our best and even daily tasks can seem impossible. Fortunately, there is an effective way you can support your body in such instances, and experience a boost in energy naturally. By using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, you can ditch artificial stimulants, but still improve overall feelings of energy. 

Which essential oils are best to use in such cases? The good news is there is an essential oil application that has already been created - specifically to increase feelings of energy. The application, known as the Chi SOC application, was developed by Boyd Truman to help users support and recharge the physical structures of the body. 

Chi, meaning energy in Chinese, is the perfect name to describe the application. Users have reported a renewing effect, as the application left them feeling inspired and energized. During the Chi application, you will be applying essential oils such as Lemongrass and Neroli, which are ideal for heightening awareness and providing a refreshing feeling. 

What other SOC applications can you work with when experiencing low energy? The Solar application, which was designed by Boyd Truman to support people struggling with mid-day energy loss and feelings of fatigue, is another great choice. The oils involved in the application, including Grapefruit, are beneficial for increasing focus and feelings of energy.  

To learn the full steps to both applications, reference the SOC Journal or Application Book, available at

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