SOC For Kids: Back to School!

SOC For Kids: Back to School!

When it comes to caring for your children with essential oils, many parents can feel overwhelmed with knowing how to safely choose the right oils. Sometimes it’s difficult to even know where to start! This is where the Symphony of the Cells™ Basic application can be an efficient choice


The Basic Symphony of the Cells™ application developed by Boyd Truman is the #1 most popular application parents choose to begin with. The application is simple for applying on children, and involves only four oils! The oils included are ideal for supporting the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems. All you need to do is layer the four oils separately on the entire back and to the bottoms of their feet. Rub it in for a few seconds, and you are done! With only four oils used, your children won’t have to stay still for long, and can slowly familiarize themselves with the oils. Plus, they will enjoy the special bonding time. 

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Have more questions about performing SOC on children and/or about the Basic Application? The new Symphony of the Cells™ family products will come in handy! For example, the parents’ bi-fold covers essential oil and SOC information and safety tips. It also breaks down the Basic application and recommends several natural solutions for common conditions/concerns. In addition to the bi-fold, you can utilize the Daily Habits For Kids calendar, and get your kids involved and excited about taking care of their bodies! To learn more, visit:



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