Toxic Load: Why Does It Matter

Toxic Load: Why Does It Matter

Let’s talk about toxic load. How does having a heavy toxic load affect our overall well being? Toxic load relates to the build up of chemicals and other toxins in our bodies. When we introduce unnatural substances, our bodies can’t effectively break them down. They don’t recognize such substances or how to work with them. As a result, some of the foreign, inorganic material may remain in the body, affecting the proper functioning of our body systems. For example, toxins can negatively impact organs, damage signaling that occurs in the body, inhibit hormones, and reduce the body’s ability to naturally cleanse itself. Thus, with a heavy toxic load, our bodies will start to slow down, and may experience different ailments and illnesses.

Which Substances Are We Talking About?

When we talk about such waste, we’re referring to toxins we ingest from the food we eat, the environment, our lifestyle, the water we drink, and the products we use. This can include everything from artificial sweeteners, sugars, skincare products with parabens, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. Year after year, the frequency to which we are exposed to these unnatural substances increases significantly. Many of us don’t realize that something as simple as a household cleaning product can be loaded with chemicals that, when ingested, are harmful to our bodies.


The Good News

The good news is there is something WE can do about it. We can have control over how many unnatural substances we accumulate in our bodies. We can work on improving our health from the inside out and pay more attention to the ingredients in the products we consume or put on our bodies. We can emphasize a healthy diet and support the body’s natural cleansing process through the use of natural substances. 

For example, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils our bodies can recognize, break down, and use to experience a balanced metabolic process. To learn more about how essential oils work in harmony with our bodies and support various body systems, check out the different essential oil resources available at

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