Why Apply Oils Topically?

Why Apply Oils Topically?

When it comes to essential oil use, one of the most popular methods is the topical use of oils. How can applying essential oils directly to the skin help? When essential oils are applied onto the skin, it becomes possible for the oil to absorb into the skin, and create localized effects. Therefore, you can apply the oils directly where you would like to enjoy their benefits. For example, if you are hoping to target an upset stomach, you can apply appropriate oils over the abdomen area. 

What Happens When Oils Are Applied To The Skin?

Due to their fat soluble nature, essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin. The chemical constituents found in the oils, for example monoterpenoid compounds, are also easily penetrated. When the essential oil molecules  pass through the skin they can make their way into the bloodstream. There, the like-substances are recognized by our bodies and easily broken down. 

Examples of Topical Applications: Symphony of the Cells™ 

One way to maximize the advantages of using essential oils topically, is through the use of topical applications. Namely, Symphony of the Cells™ (SOC) essential oil applications. During the applications, pure, therapeutic-grade oils specifically chosen by Boyd Truman, are applied to the entire back and on the bottoms of the feet. Due to the high volume of nerve endings found along the spine and bottoms of the feet, this allows for easy communication with the rest of the body. 

Don't Forget The Carrier Oil

Pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly concentrated. Therefore, in order to remain cautious, it is suggested to utilize carrier oils. This can help dilute potentially stronger oils that may irritate sensitive skin. During applications, individuals can even apply additional carrier oil to lessen the intensity of the oils

Symphony of the Cells™ 

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