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Welcome to TruWellness!

Founded in 2008, it has been our desire to help you in your journey of finding Tru balance of body, mind and spirit. Through education and use of essential oils and other natural organic products, we at TruWellness know that you can live a healthier, happier and more abundant life. Feel free to explore our website and begin to understand how you can achieve TruWellness.

We are committed to the continual development and implementation of wellness through education and use of essential oils. With the goal of helping ten million people discover the benefits of essential oils, we promise to maintain a culture of constant education, research and growth. As the world of essential oils is constantly growing, we promise to continually evolve TruWellness to provide the most up to date, accurate information.

At TruWellness, we seek to help persons balance both logic and intuition through education, mentoring and trainings. Through our educational products, we provide greater insight in to human potential and teach individuals:

- To be balanced
- To be well
- To be creative
- To be proactive
- To be accountable
- To be single minded, and most of all
- To be Tru

Our team is able to accomplish this with integrity of product and people, teamwork, passion and the power of nature.

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