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Healthy Foundations & Kids Calendar Download

Healthy Foundations & Kids Calendar Download

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Kids Daily Habits Calendar

A fun, interactive calendar that teaches your kids about the importance of taking care of their health? Yes, it’s real and it’s the Daily Habits For Kids Printable Calendar! 

Now, your kids can get involved in their own wellness journey! The calendar includes 3-4 easy steps they can follow every day of the month: oils to apply, vitamins to take, and SOC applications to enjoy. Once they finish each step, they can check it off the calendar themselves! 

Healthy Foundations Calendar

It’s never been easier to adopt healthy habits and improve your health from the inside out! Check out the Healthy Habits calendar - available for digital download starting today! 

The calendar outlines a full month wellness plan anyone can follow! Each day includes 2-4 steps: natural supplements and essential oils to use. Get started on your journey today. 

**Remember, don’t forget to incorporate other internal/external care into your routine: SOC applications, etc. This calendar is just an easy way to kickstart your journey!

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